Genotype to Phenotype

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Overview of G2P

G2P (Genotype to Phenotype) is an integrative environment in form of Singularity container, which not only contains a library of 16 state-of-the-art GS models and 13 evaluation metrics for models evaluation and selection but also provides several stand-alone software and easy-to-use functions for data preprocessing, population analysis, integration of prediction results from multiple models, and refinement of training datasets. G2P provides a comprehensive environment for genomic selection to facilitate the comparison and selection of appropriate model. G2P package and related dependencies has been already integrated into the G2P container, allowing easy installation and upgrade, and the G2P package is accessible as an stand-alone R package.

Github: G2P

G2P container download link: G2P.sif

R package download link: G2P_1.0.tar.gz

QuickStart: G2P QuickStart

Contact us: qchengray@cau.edu.cn

Note: Cademic users can download directly and please contact us for commercial use.